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To be a first time home buyer is easier than most think...


Grants and funds are available to those who qualify as a First Time Home Buyer. Amount varies on location and qualification.


Save time on the home buying process and be ready to place an offer on a listed property.
Pre-Qualification differs from Pre-Approval. 

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Your Realtor is Key

Have an All Access Pass and top notch guidance with all listed properties when you work with an exclusive agent. 

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Receive a complimentary consultation and work with a professional to set an action plan on how to obtain a new home with guidance from beginning to end of the home buying process.

Florida Housing offers a Homebuyer Program that offers 30-year fixed rate first mortgage loans to first time homebuyers through participating lenders and lending institutions throughout the State of Florida. Eligible borrowers may also participate in one of Florida Housing’s second mortgage programs to assist borrowers with down payment assistance and closing costs.


There are some requirements in order to qualify for our Homebuyer Loan Program:

  • Minimum Credit Score of 640.

  • Must work with an approved, participating, Program Lender (click here to find an approved loan officer).

  • "Approved" Home Buyer Education is required to be completed.

  • Your purchase price must be below the limits for the county in which you purchase.

  • Your income must be below the limits for the county in which you purchase.

  • You must meet the IRS definition of a first-time homebuyer which means, you cannot have owned AND occupied your primary residence for the last three years prior to purchase.

Above information was provided and sourced by FloridaHousing.Gov

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Recommended Lenders
That Specialize in Helping
First Time Home Buyers

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Brian P. Hiatt

Branch Manager, Clearwater, FL
NMLS # 354825         FL LO7004

28100 US 19  North, Suite 301

Clearwater, FL 33761 

C: 813.924.3500
F: 813.315.6348


Brian Heckman

NMLS #1749939

Tampa Office:13139 W. Linebaugh Ave. #101Tampa, Florida 33626

(813) 749-7776

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There are many different options available to First Time Home Buyers. A decision varies on the buyer's situation and the lender they wish to work with.

An FHA loan insured by the Florida Housing Administration is the most common loan with the following advantages:

  • 580 minimum credit score

  • Low down payment

  • Down payment can be a gift

  • Down payment assistance programs available

  • Low interest rates

  • Adjustable and fixed-rate loans available



Many sellers require either a pre-qualification letter or a preapproval letter, which is a letter from a lender that specifies the amount they are willing to loan the buyer.  Different from a pre-qualification letter, a pre-approval letter indicates to the seller that the buyer is able to secure appropriate financing and able to purchase the property.


We recommend to our customers interested in purchasing a home to take this as their first step before actively searching for their desired real estate. 

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Your personal knight of the real estate realm and guide to assist you on your path to home ownership will be able to:

  • Provide a list of all current properties on the market

  • Schedule all appointments to view properties ahead of time

  • Compare the property you are interested in placing an offer on to recently sold similar properties to help make an educated offer.

  • Prepare necessary contracts and explain all paperwork thoroughly from offer to closing.

  • Be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.



We are dedicated to help our first time home buyers set an action plan on how they can obtain their new home. From beginning to end our agents are committed to educate and guide our customers through the entire purchasing process. Contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our agents to set you on the right path to home ownership.